Would you like to attract and enroll qualified, excited, motivated, individuals into your Network Marketing business all while you sleep?

Reboot Your Recruiting Skills in Your MLM Business with My 12-Week Bootcamp

Attract, Capture, and ENROLL Like a BOSS by taking the SOS Branding Bootcamp that will help you sift and sort FAST through your cold market while you sleep by UTLIZING my exact strategies of using a FACEBOOK BUSINESS PAGE!! 

It's time to AUTOMATE your efforts efficiently and SLAY ONLINE SALES by sifting and sorting through COLD leads FAST! Would you like to attract and enroll qualified, excited, motivated, individuals into your Network Marketing business all while you sleep? I got you... READ BELOW! !! 

Here are the basics of what I am going to teach you:


Create your FREEBIE

Ever wonder HOW you can attract strangers into your business? 

You will learn my exact process of how to create and attract your tribe with your first giveaway that will generate you qualified leads for your business. 


Creating a KILLER sales funnel

So earn money while you sleep part got you interested right? Learn how I set up all my funnels with words that sell and intrigue the prospect or lead to MESSAGE me to join my business! 

YES, wake up to messages from strangers to join your team!


Convert and Upsell 

Are you struggling with converting your leads ? Learn how to set up the right vision to build the likability factor and trust with your cold market leads and enroll them into your business!

Are you ready to take your attaction marketing to the next level and learn: 

Which platforms to build on so you can to attract daily leads with your funnels

In this bootcamp you are going to learn how to create a professional and unforgettable Facebook Business Page that leaves your lead with an imprint of your brand. Turn their no into a YES!

How to leverage a weekly BLOG to capture leads

You are going to learn and master how to BOOST posts on your blog so you can attract weekly leads and keep them coming back to your page!

Automation Process (Build in your sleep)

Learn EXACT Steps of how to find your cold market and how to stop wasting money on Facebook Ads that don't work! You are going to master the skills of how to sift and sort through your cold market and attract the hungry and motivated entrepreneurs into your Network Marketing Business! 

Hear what others are saying about this 12 week bootcamp: 

I loved working with Marina. I learned so much about branding by working with her. She helped me with my powerful, new brand creation and taught me how to more easily attract people to me. Also I learned a lot about course creation, automation, and all the necessary tools to succeed in my business. Also, From working with Marina and the knowledge she gave me, I gained some awesome clients and customers for my business.  

Thank you Marina for your help. You are awesome!

- Janya J.

Marina has helped me find my voice! She also has shown me how to leverage my message and attract leads upon leads daily for my MLM business as well as for my brand. I got 3 new customers in just 1 day with Marina's automated system. It was clear and easy to put into action after this 12 week bootcamp. With my free giveaway and simple Facebook ad I attracted leads immediately!

- Marykay M.  


I started working on my branding about 4 months ago and honestly I was so clueless. I researched so many things online. Paid for various courses and training. NOTHING was like Marina Simone’s branding course. She actually showed you step by step how to do everything. Very in-depth training. Many other courses tell you what to do, but don’t show you how to do it. I gained so much clarity and direction with Marina’s program.

-Yasmin P.


Marina has been not only an amazing friend but a great help in guiding me with my brand. There are so many things I’ve gained from Marina... learning how to use various apps, websites, creating ads, building a course and all the pieces related to this course, the process of creating a powerful brand in a market of fitness all while still using my own voice.. and the list continues! She’s encouraged me throughout this entire process and pushed me to see why this fire I have is needed in the world. I’m grateful for her and so honored to stand with a powerful woman. Love you girl!

-BobbiJo N.

Here's what you can expect from me in this BOOTCAMP!

6 – Facebook Live trainings and tutorials on Set Up of Funnels, Giveaways, and Exact Strategies to Build A Massive Following On your Business Page

Creating and targeting cold traffic with your 1st Facebook Ad without wasting money and time!  

Creating your first giveaway that captures unlimited leads while you sleep

How to set up a secret Facebook group to funnel leads and build credability FAST! 

I will teach you my weekly strategy of "printing money" from Facebook Group. 

Creating a killer sales funnel and automating a webinar that will have your inbox exploding with “enrollments” 


6 LIVE Webinars with Special Q & A on setting up your funnels, Free giveaways, Facebook Ads

Ready to reboot your business and recruit like a boss?