How to Launch Your Network Marketing Business On Social Media With 3 Simple Steps! 

Are you ready to Launch Online leveraging Facebook Groups, easy to follow campagins and raffles, and implementing a simple 3 step launch system? This system is not only going to create some momentum for you but for your team as well!  

In 3 simple steps I will show you WHAT to do to increase ENROLLMENTS, ATTRACT LEADS without being salesy and convert more SALES for your business! Think of these steps of the 3 KEY things you NEED in your business to dominate!

Want to learn how you can #Legit Print Money from a Facebook Group, create momentum, create duplication, and attract leaders just like YOU?

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3 Step SOS Facebook Live Formula Course worth $297 for FREE!

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What You Will Learn From This Course

The 3 Step training contains everything you could want to know about creating a Facebook Group that engages your audience and creates more sales for you and your team, takes away the belly to belly presentation, and creates a solid foundation for YOU and your business.

Print Money Strategy 

Simple Strategies of engaging the current audience in a group and getting them to BUY! 

Campaign Strategies 

Learn how my team drove 1400 leads into our group in 72 hours! 

Content Crusher 

Learning how to NEVER run out of content again for your group! 

Keeping your Leads Engaged 

The simple posting formula for engagement! 

The BIGGEST Mistakes 

What NOT to do when building a Facebook group so you don't REPEL leads!  

The Extraction Method

How to capture the attention from OTHER FACEBOOK GROUPS and get them into your groups without getting spammed! 

“From the simple strategies Marina taught in this training I added 48 NEW people into my Facebook Group with 1 post!”

-Kelly G. 

“Our team ran a campaign like Marina suggested and my live video had 547 shares, 13,000 views and we added over 1,000 new leads into our Facebook group!"  

-Shamra H. 

“Because of Marina's training and simple system, last week I have got 3 new team members! All in one week!"”

-Erin M. 

Whether you are brand new and ready to take off or you have a huge team this system will duplicate for YOU! In 30 days you will have a clear plan of how to LAUNCH on Social Media.  

Here's the deal. FAKE stories in your head that you need a team to do this training is BULL! If you truly want to become a Leader and Do it ONLINE this 30 Day Online Launch Plan will teach you HOW! 

My Strategy to Convert Sales

I will break down what really drives a lead to purchase and how simple FREE campaigns will explode your Facebook Group. 

Million Dollar Mindset: ($1997 Value)

Creating a Mental Movie and positioning your goals with my reverse engineer process. 

3 Step Launch Formula ($1997 Value)

3 Step Process for Domination and Duplication with Your Team

How to Capture Prospects using Facebook Groups 

Loading Up Your Funnel Strategies ($997 Value)

How to Run a Successful Monthly Campaign to boost sales and keep momentum with your team and with your customers. 

Slay Online Sales Formula ($497 Value)

Invite Scripts

How to recruit with my Daily DMO

Domination of Social Media ($497 Value)

Time Management for the busy mom who needs that tracker and time blocking strategies. Learn how to implement my 15 min time blocking strategies. 

Duplication of Social Media ($497 Value)

It's great if you can recruit but what about your team? Learn how to duplicate your efforts and teach retention. Also learn my tap rooting strategies for success. 

Bonus Bonus Bonus $688 Value

3 Step Facebook Live Formula ($297 Value)

How to Tell Your Story $97 Value 

Finding Your Brand and Voice $97 Value

Branding Tips Q & A $197 Value 

Pre-Recorded Mastermind Recordings ($1500 Value)

Social Media Academy ($497 Value)  

3 Ways A Heeler Sets Up A Profile  

Art Of Recruiting From Facebook  

7 Step FROG method of Recruiting

Total Value Of Training : $9167

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3 Payments of $497

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“My name is Marina Simone and I am the Founder of Moms and Heels. 

I personally have built an organization of 20,000 customers and distributors all on Facebook. 

I also did this in less than 2 years. 

I became a six-figure earner in 90 days within my second and third company teaching the Social Media Strategies I offer in this course.

When I was first introduced to Network Marketing back in 2012, I was a BUSY mom with a FULL TIME job. I did NOT have time to build belly to belly with home meetings. 

Maybe you can relate? 

Then I figured out that I could #legit have a home meeting online with hundreds and even thousands of HUMANS and the fun began! 

So I found a way to leverage Facebook to become a recruiting machine. Then, LIVE video was introduced. I began to show my downline HOW to TEACH their way to six-figures by using attraction marketing and positioning themselves as influencers.

I am excited to share with you my 3 Step Launch System that you can implement right away to receive amazing results"

— Marina Simone

Founder of Moms and Heels 

Be Fierce, Be Flawsome, Be Free

EXPLODE your Facebook Group and INCREASE sales with my 30 Day Online Launch Plan!

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If you want to light a fire under your ass then this is the woman that will do it. I have learned so much with this course. As a team we created over 800 new leads in just 5 days and over $25,000 in retail sales. I was also able to create a system that duplicates for my team all online! As a mom of 3 it was important I found a simple system online! - Sara J

Until coaching with her I had no idea what people meant by creating a system that duplicates. I searched for trainings and but courses but I was overloaded and still confused. I needed to clear path and plan. That's what she gave me! Only two short months later my sales have doubled but most importantly my team is duplicating and having success! I knew it was possible, but seriously watching it happen has been like magic! I'll be forever grateful to Marina for her coaching!”- Rosa I  

In 6 weeks, Marina changed my entire team and business. We topped 6 figure volume and I rank advanced to the 2nd to the top of my comp plan. My team is inspired and exctied again to build! - Nicole M. 

My Facebook Live views have gone from 150 to 950+ in 72 hours! I got 4 new enrollments within 2 weeks!"  

-Kimberly O