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Simple Process Creating Amazing Results:

Who is Marina Simone?

In 2012, I received THAT CALL. An old boyfriend from high school asked me if I was happy with my financial situation if I was happy at my job and I said NO! He asked if I understood residual income and asked if I kept my options open when it came to making money. Ummmmm yes! For 2 years I grinded with this company! I gave it every bone in my body! This was it! I could taste my retirement! I could make tons of money and be home with my daughter! UM yea no! I didn’t make a $. I actually spent more than I was making. I grew resentful of the industry and felt like I was sold a dream! Looking back, I NOW have gratitude. I have humbled myself to what that company gave me:  

1. 2 years of free therapy! 2. Personal Growth 3. Work Ethic 4. Taught me “systems don’t fail – people fail systems” 5. Financial Freedom 6. Introduced me to network marketing 7. Rebuilt belief I lost in myself  

I was on the prowl again. March 2014 I was approached again. This time I was READY. Nothing was getting in my way. This was my SHOT! My families SHOT at success and I made the choice to take this to the top.  

In 4 short months, I became the top 12 income earner in my company!

It is now my mission to GIVE BACK and serve the WOMEN inside our industry!

I teach busy moms how to slay online sales by building their personal brand and leveraging it to build a network marketing empire by becoming FIERCE, FLAWSOME, and FREE. 

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