6 Rule Method


Turn a list of 200 into 6,000! My Special Mini Course! 

If you feel like you have run out of people to talk to for your Network Marketing business and you can't find new leads keep reading... 

In this mini course you will learn:  

How to effectively use Facebook Lists to target your leads  

How to make a list without calling your mom, dad, brother, and sister 

How to take a list of 200 and turn it into 6,000!  


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Turn a list of 200 into 6,000! 

This course comes with:  

Over 1 Hour of Training On how to create a MASTER LIST that never ends

How to use my 6 Rule Method to never run out of people to talk to!

How to teach your team to do the same and DOMINATE and DUPLICATE

PDF of my SOS MEMORY JOGGER to keep track of your Master List

How I consistently enroll 3-6 Customers a week with using my list

How I consistently enroll 3-6 business partners every month

Also included Bonus Modules:


How to set up an unforgettable profile on Facebook to attract leads daily

How to set up your Facebook Page so others can't tag on your timeline

How to set up your Facebook page to look like a professional Network Marketer to attract other influencers

How to make “My List = My Bank Account” exercise.

Are you ready to EXPAND YOUR LIST?

It’s time to make your list! UGH  

The dreaded conversation we have to have with every new distributor that comes into our business! You are probably asking yourself: Do I have to list everyone I know? Even if I am not going to call them? Who do I even put on my list? My friends are all broke! Sound familiar? 

I want you to say it with me, “My List = My Bank Account” Every 6 & 7 figure earner in the MLM industry not only HAS a list, but adds to that list every single day! We all: Made a master list We have a list Update and add to our list

WE ALSO WITHDRAWL FROM OUR LIST Great, it all sounds great but how can YOU start list building and get over the FEAR of what people will think of you? How can you create a list that never ends so you don’t run out of people to talk to? How about your warm market? Did you exhaust it already? You know your mom, sister, BFF, and neighbor? It’s okay. I am going to show you in this Mini Course how to turn 200 names into 6000! Literally, you will never EVER say again I can’t find people to talk to. Does that interest you?