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Is FEAR of talking to strangers on Facebook holding you back from becoming a recruiting machine? This MASTERCLASS training will MAP out 3 steps that I personally use daily to recruit like a BOSS from Social Media. I am pulling back the curtains and going HAM on my 3 Step Strategy for recruiting your COLD MARKET! 

In 3 simple steps I will show you WHAT to do daily, how to increase and draw more VIEWS and convert more SALES for your business! Think of these steps of the 3 KEY things you NEED to get more eyeballs on your SOCIAL MEDIA PAGE !


What You Will Learn From This Master Class

The Simple 3 Step Strategy training contains everything you could want to know about creating content that engages your audience, attracts NEW leads for your business, and piques interest that will drive more conversations into your inbox. You will also have SCRIPTS to expose and close!

Crushing Fear

Simple Strategies of intoducing your product or service without freezing and not knowing what to say!

Converting Viewers

How to strategically convert views to 3-5 sales weekly! 

Money Mindset

Learning how to control YOUR negative thoughts that hold you back from building a six-figure income in Network Marketing with REAL strategies.

Drive More Views

How to up the engagement of comments, likes, and shares for your live videos and for your posts and Facebook stories! .

Creating Relatable Content

Where to find content that is real, raw, and relatable! 

How to RECRUIT without being salesy

How to capture the attention of your audience wihtout being a BIG SPAM MACHINE!

“I'm building a relationship with every single view, like and comment I receive and following through is the key to my long-term success in my network marketing business. There are a TON more, but that's my biggest takeaway. Plus my engagement and views are Way up!”


“My normal views are around 500-750. I followed Marina Simone SOS tracker sheet to the letter and 8.7k views. Do her course - it is the best investment you can make."  

-Mary Ann 

“"Because of Marina's training and simple system, last week I have got 3 new team members! All in one week!"”


Are you getting frustrated because everyone in your warm market is saying no? 

Have you talked to the same 10 people every month and you are sick of your business NOT growing?

So, I need yout to take a deep breath and and know this MasterClass is EXACTLY what you need to help you get your SWAG back and FAST...!

YES, you can recruit total strangers from Facebook into your Network Marketing business my team and I do it everyday! 

Listen, I was that girl that used to get stuck in the "friend zone" with Facebook friends. Let me help you sift and sort through your leads quickly and efficiently! 

YES! You Can Drive More Conversations in Messenger

What would you do if every time you opened your Facebook App there were hundreds of notifications from your audience sharing, commenting, and liking your posts and your Facebook Stories?

No one is in my Upline teaching me about attraction marketing can I still be successful?

I was there. My Upline had no idea how to leverage live video and did NOT teach me what I needed to know about attraction marketing. So trust me, I have your back and I wil help you SLAY ONLINE SALES with my 3 Step Strategy for recruting your cold market.

“This Master Class was absolutely amazing! I took so many notes and can't wait to apply everything I learned! Everything about recruiting my cold market and what to say to get them interested in my product and business finally clicked after watching this training!"  

-Lyndsey Ingram.  

“My biggest takeaway was the Facebook Story training! Marina taught me exactly what to do with the friends that are watching my stories to get them interested in learning more about my product! HUGE HELP!"  

-Shante Armstrong

Your Trainer:

My name is Marina Simone. I am the Founder and Ceo of Moms and Heels. I personally have built an organization of 20,000 customers and distributors all on Facebook for my Netowrk Marketing business. I also did this in less than 2 years. I became a six-figure earner in 90 days within my second and third company teaching the Social Media Strategies I offer in this FREE training.

When I was first introduced to Network Marketing back in 2012, I was a BUSY mom with a FULL TIME job. I did NOT have time to build belly to belly with home meetings. Maybe you can relate? 

So I found a way to leverage Facebook to become a recruting machine. Then, LIVE video was introduced. I began to show my downline HOW to TEACH their way to six-figures by using attraction marketing and positioning themselves as influencers.

I am excited to share with you my 3 Simple Strageties that you can implement right after the Master Class to see massive RESULTS!"

— Marina Simone

Founder of Moms and Heels 

Be Fierce, Be Flawsome, Be Free

What if in Just 3 Simple Steps you knew the closing questions that every lead would answer to and you could avoid getting crickets in messenger?

LIsten, like I said before. You should of seen my face when my warm market was maxed out and I had to learn how to talk to strangers. I had to WTF face. LIke, you have to be kidding me. But, I figured out the POSTURE PROCESS as I call it now, and my skills began to get better and I began to enroll like a BOSS!  

Wouldn't you like to not be attached to people saying no to you and ignoring you because you have an inbox full of leads everyday? OF COURSE YOU WOULD! 

My girl Lucy text me last week after 1 month of implementing these strategies and asked me how I keep up with all the leads because she is on FIRE!!!! 

So what you can look forward to learning in this MasterClass include

  • 3 Steps you are missing with your cold market to get them out of the friend zone. 
  • The ACT AS IF posture you need to give to GET their credit card and close the sale!
  • How to ATTRACT the BOSSES and INFLUENCERS into your business! 
I am ready $37 Let's SLAY

What I also Cover In the Master Class: 

What to do with those leads that are watching your Facebook stories so they start to stalk you! 

How to take someone who has just friend requested you and get them interested in your product within 3 weeks! 

How to strategically turn your Facebook page into a series or TV show that people want to watch and look for! 

How to drive more messages into your inbox of "What do you do?". 

How to drive more friend requess to YOU from Facebook groups without being a weirdo! 

How to properly use Facebook stories to tell a REAL story that people want to listen to!