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If you are struggling with Attraction Marketing and Branding On Social this community is for YOU.

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Does this sound like you?

You are posting everyday on Social Media, you are being consistent, you are engaging with others.

But they're still not finding you and you are not building an audience that is converting into sales and NEW Clients for your business. 

Fortunately, there are marketing tricks you might not even know you have up your sleeve: the power of your voice and message. As an influencer there are 3 ways to grow an audience and do it FAST.  

The Heels Up Academy is designed to help you stand out even in the most crowded space of Social Media. 

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What's New To the Elite Heels Up Academy?

Receive Weekly Prompts Via Betty Bot on Facebook™ Engagement Posts, Instagram™ and Facebook™ Story Theme post ideas, AND Facebook™ Live Topic ideas for the week! YEP, leave the content for the week to us!

Instagram™ and Facebook™ POD posts for engagement! Are your posts dead on Social and need a quick BOOST? Every month we have an Instagram™ Pod post and Facebook™ Pod Post where all the members engage on each other's posts to bring them up in the alogrithm!

Are your Facebook™ Lives or Videos needing some engagement? You are in luck, Once a month we have a Facebook™ or Video Live engagement pod post inside the Facebook™ group where we all comment on each others videos to BOOST Visibility to our current audience!

Total Value $6064

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Here's just a taste of what I'll be teaching...


Create a Posting Schedule That Doesn't Waste Your Income Producing Activity Time.

With a strong enough brand, you won't need to constantly hustle for business. Instead, you'll just need to make the most of your marketing time with these tips.


How I Built a 20,000-Organization using Social Media Influence (and You Can Too)  

In this lesson, I'm pulling back the curtain on my own business to show you how I move beyond the belly-to-belly and create a STRONG personal brand that attract leads daily.


Marvelous Multimedia: Using Video & Photos to ATTRACT Your Tribe  

This goes way beyond using company product photos. I'll show you how to create audiovisual assets that tell your full story and draw customers in.



Nervous about networking for your business? Here's the truth: 95% of Marketers are nervous about reaching out to influencers. I will show you the conversations I have in messenger with others to tap into their followings using interview strategies on live video.


Posting Posture Formula  

How do you know whether you're on the right track with what you are posting on Social Media? How do you track what works and what doesn't? In this lesson I'll show you how to assess your progress and keep moving forward and how to determine what is working and what is not for your personal brand.

More Results from the Elite Heelers


You're in luck! I'm letting the NEXT 100 students in with a SPECIAL BONUS!

Receive Recorded Trainings From 7 Figure Earners On Recruiting and Follow Up All Online {Ray Higdon, Frazier Brooks, and many more!: $497 

Your price with membership: FREE (for a limited time) AND... These BONUS trainings INCLUDED 

Learn my strategies for finding customers and clients from Facebook™ groups...My Extraction Method! AND add LEADSSSSS TO YOUR LIST!

Ready to get out of the friend zone and not feel awkward when trying to pitch your company, produc,t or your service? Here's my simple strategy (333 Method) of building RAPPORT and INFLUENCE FAST in 72 hours... I recruited 15 people alone with this method last month and closed 5 $3500 deals all from Instagram™... 

Video is NOT GOING ANYWHERE! In Fact, in 2020 80-85% of the internet WILL BE VIDEO...

So why not stay ahead of the curve and start slaying video to attract the types of humans you WANT to work with? 

In my 3 Step SOS Facebook™ Live Formula i will break down in 3 modules how to Sell On Social Media Leveraging Video...

Orginal Price $297- Free when you JOIN Today!

Pay in Full $297 {Savings of $147} 1 Year Membership

Elite Heelers Slaying:

Wow!! Meeting Marina Simone and participating in her SOS Matermind group has literally changed the game for me. Before I met Marina I was deathly afraid of public speaking in any capacity, let alone putting myself out there on a Facebook™ live. Now, I am doing Facebook™ lives weekly and connecting with more people than I have ever before in my business. I was really in a holding pattern before joining the mastermind and having no new customers or partners join my business, but within the first week of starting the mastermind I had a new customer join me, simply using ideas I learned from Marina.  

Thank you Marina, you have really opened my eyes to what I am actually capable of and the type of success that is possible. Anyone that is looking to get over a hurdle, gain more direction and momentum or explode their business, this mastermind group is the place to do it!! I will be a #Heeler for life!!

-Anglea H

I started my SOS group coaching to try to figure out how to change from being an accidental leader to an intentional leader.  

With a large team and large volume I needed to find a way to help them reach their maximum potential.  

In 6 weeks Marina has changed my entire business. My team has an energy I’ve never seen before. They’re excited, they’re on fire, they’re running when they used to be sauntering.  

My duds of the past are the studs of today. Without Marina and SOS training we’d all be spinning our wheels still. Instead, we topped 6 figure volume last month, I rank advanced to the 2nd to top of my comp plan, and I cannot keep up with all of the messages from my team thanking me for investing in this training for myself and for them.

-Nicole M

Coaching with Marina was a game changer. It was literally the answer I've been looking for. She's an amazing and enthusiastic coach and most importantly she delivers. Until coaching with her I had no idea what people meant by a system.I searched everywhere for the answer and in the process became even more confused. I for sure suffered from information overload which lead to me doing nothing. I'm not lazy, I simply had no idea what to do. I was so tired of people telling me to work on myself, to find a stronger why. Now don't get me wrong I love all the personal development that comes with Network Marketing along with having a strong why, I simply always knew in my heart that wasn't enough. I needed a clear plan and Marina gave me that plan. I still had to work to put it together but I know if I did what she told me and put work behind it that it would be a success. Well 2 months later and my sales have doubled but most importantly my team is having success! Duplication! I knew it would feel amazing but seriously watching it happen has been like magic. I'll be forever grateful to Marina for her amazing coaching.

-Rosa C

I implemented a simple five-step getting started Word document following Marina strategies and our team’s responses has been amazing! It's been helping me as a leader sift and sort which reps are ready to take action!  

-Brittany M

From this mastermind I have been able to grow into the leader my team needed me to be. I was able to run a team raffle that got 13k views and 547 people added to our customer ATM group in less than 48hrs.  

In my first 3 weeks working with Marina I Rank Advanced 3 times and have since added 100s of customers.  

Marina has changed my life and I know she can do the same for you. Dont miss out on this amazing opportunity! #heelerforlife  

Shamra H

The teachings from Marina's classes have been invaluable for my professional devopment as a leader in the industry! Her no-fluff, straightforward approach is exactly what you need to see results. She shares the latest proven tips on using social media the right way. Simply changing the way I title my videos has increased my engagement five fold! I can't wait to teach my team how to crush their fears on these platforms!

-Ashley M

Are you ready to SLAY ONLINE SALES and Learn how to:

Create Content that Stands Out by Positioning Yourself as an Influencer

Master Your Posture and Confidence on Camera to Deliver Your Message and Tap into Your Full Potential

Recruit Reps Monthly and Get Customers Weekly with my Simple Converting Strategies

Also Included In The Academy:

  • How to save time on creating content for Social Media that can be repurposed on all platforms ($97)  
  • How to recruit reps into your business with my 6 Step Process ($297)  
  • How to leverage Instagram™ Stories/Snapchat™/ Facebook™ Stories to Connect, Capture, and Close ($497)  
  • How to engage with others on Social Media to drive them back to your profile ($97)  
  • Full Training LIVE on my complete course 3 Step SOS Facebook™ Live Formula ($297)  
  • How to stay ahead of the algorithm changes ($497)  
  • Advanced marketing strategies to help you build your own massive following on social media, and turn that audience into paid clients ($997)  
  • How to create content around your brand or message ($497)  
  • How to create a Facebook™ Group Campaign that will drive leads into your page ($297)  
  • How to build an EMPIRE that leaves a lasting impression to anyone that comes to your page ($1900)  
  • How to create images that POP with a special VIP training with my very own graphic desinger! ($97)  
  • How to Develop a game plan that will allow you to scale your business on all social media platforms without spending 10 hours a day on social($297)  
  • Time Blocking strategies to efficiently produce the results you want. ($197) And much much more!

Total Value $6064

Some of the RESULTS after 30 days from the ELITE HEELERS: 

More Results from the Elite Heelers

What are the Elite Heelers Saying about Marina:

Pay in Full $297 {Savings of $147}