7 Tricks To Creating Facebook Live Titles That POP!

Attract more views, more engagement, and get more leads using these 7 proven strategies when creating your live video titles! 

Inside You'll Learn:

How to emotionally connect with your lead or prospect the second they see your live video and FORCE them to press play instead of scrolling past you! 

How to use verbiage in your titles that will catch your followers and friends attention so they press play!

How to get your audience to make an impulsive decision and press play! 

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Marina Simone became the top 12 income earner in her company in 4 short months. She has been featured twice in Prosper Magazine, featured on MLM Nation Podcast, interviewed on the Fearless Networker and built a downline of 16,000 plus in less than 2 years. She is the CEO of Moms and Heels which was designed to empower other network marketers to reach their full potential and reach 6 figures quickly in their Network Marketing career.

"Be a stilleto in a room of flats". 

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