Leverage, Attract, Build! 

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Are you ready to learn the formula of how I grew a MASSIVE organization online and became a Lead Slayer of over 20,000 customers and distributors for my Network Marketing Business?  

Did you know that people who invest in themselves are more likely to find success? In fact, those that DO invest in themselves will see a dramatic s h i f t in their business and their pocket. 

For example, let's look at Tony Robbins...

You would think..."He's got it all figured out. He doesn't need a mentor or coach," and guess what? 

You would be thinking WRONG

I remember Tony sharing from stage at the UPW event I was at, that he always has a mentor/coach he hires every year. WOW! That was a lightbulb moment for me. 

In 2015, I took my first leap of hiring my very own business coach. I joined a mastermind in 2016 and ever since, I have always stayed with a mentor in my back pocket (Branding and Network Marketing) 

My Results you ask? 

The proof is in the pudding... 

Hiring a coach and joining a high level mastermind is an investment in your business and yourself. I want to invite you to my EXCLUSIVE mastermind program, THE LEADER LAB. 

This high level 12 month mastermind is by application only! 

You must apply and be approved to join.

What can you expect from the Leader Lab? 


Working personally with Marina you can expect a high level of accountability for your business. She will provide you with guidance to keep you on the right track to reach all of your specific goals and needs. 

Social Media Strategy

Branding is KEY with social media. You will learn how to build your “personal brand” through Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. Marina’s 12 Steps to Social Media Success Blueprint will lay out how to drive “friends” to customers and/or distributors into your business.  

Implementing some of the 12 step strategies will be our MAIN FOCUS to get you out of your comfort zone, and most importantly, the strategies will help you drive your social media followers “offline” to enroll into your business.  

(It's important to know you do NOT need to be an influencer for these strategies to work for you!)


Learn how to leverage blogging for your personal brand to create additional income from affiliate programs as well as building your Network Marketing Team. This tool is under utilized in Network Marketing.  

This is my #1 strategy for collecting organic leads and connecting to a NEW warm market every single week.


  • Must be coachable 
  • Have a burning desire for change
  • Power of commitment (3 month minimum contract) 
  • Inspired and ready to impact others
  • Ready to do the activity and do the work
  • Implement daily strategies

“From the simple strategies Marina taught in this training I added 48 NEW people into my Facebook Group with 1 post!”

-Kelly G. 

“Our team ran a campaign like Marina suggested and my live video had 547 shares, 13,000 views and we added over 1,000 new leads into our Facebook group!"  

-Shamra H. 

“Because of Marina's training and simple system, last week I have got 3 new team members! All in one week!"”

-Erin M. 

What's included:

12 Step Social Media Game Plan

  • Learn how to leverage the ATM system inside Facebook groups (Marina's Facebook group Strategies) 
  • How to implement a 3 step Launch System that duplicates (Marina's personal team plan) 
  • Learn how to generate leads in all social media platforms while building your personal brand 
  • How to run team incentives that your team will run for 

(All the trainings above come from the exact strategies Marina used and uses to build an organization of 20k in less than 2 years.) 

Access to the EXCLUSIVE Facebook Group

  • Learn from other leaders who are having success (mastermind and network)
  • Unlimited Q and A inside the group
  • Weekly Trainings

Access to The Leader Lab Messenger Chat

  • Ask Unlimited Q and A 
  • Share ideas/bounce off each other

Monthly Hot Seat 

  • 1 full hour to have Marina dive into whatever you want

Monthly Lab Huddle

  • 1 Hour zoom huddle to ask Marina anything and share wins
  • Plan of action/NEW strategies for the month

Weekly Hashtag shares for Instagram

  • Hashtag review and shares with Marina
  • Learn which hastags to use to properly gain new leads and more exposure on Instagram

1 Training a month (FREE) for your Team **LIMITED TIME OFFER** 

  • Soon will only be available to Platinum members

Hear what other Heelers are saying:

If you want to light a fire under your ass then this is the woman that will do it. I have learned so much with this course. As a team we created over 800 new leads in just 5 days and over $25,000 in retail sales. I was also able to create a system that duplicates for my team all online! As a mom of 3 it was important I found a simple system online! - Sara J

In 6 weeks, Marina changed my entire team and business. We topped 6 figure volume and I rank advanced to the 2nd to the top of my comp plan. My team is inspired and exctied again to build! - Nicole M. 

After working with Marina through her Heels Up Academy & Masterminds I decided to embark on 1-1 coaching as it was time to take my business to the next level. 

In the last 3 months of working 1 on 1 with Marina it has seen my business grow 10 fold but not just ranks and income but also through the systems I’ve learned and duplication I have been able to achieve with my tribe! 

I love Marina’s no BS approach to coaching, this is why she is able to get the results not only herself but with her clients. Hands down this is the best investment I’ve ever made 💜 -Carlee W. 

Gain access to: 

InstaBoost Course 

  • Learn my exact daily action steps to take everyday to connect with your tribe on Instagram.
  • Save Time And Track Your Daily Posts with My SOS Instagram Tracker
  • 25 Daily Action Step Video Trainings on the WHAT, WHEN, and HOW of IG
  • Learn how to boost the look of your profile to stand out amongst the crowded IG world

30 Minute Private welcome launch call 

  • Working with Marina you can expect a high level of accountability for your business. She will provide for you guidance to keep you on the right track to reach all of your specific goals.
  • Review your goals and strategize together with a 30 minute welcome call 

30 Day Recruiting Workshop Course

  • How to tell good stories your prospects can relate to
  • How to leverage the Expose & Close worksheet to close like a boss! 
  • Daily action steps to recruit without being so pushy 
  • Learn how to create a positive DMO to recruit consistently

Hear what other Heelers are saying:

 I knew I had blocks, I couldn't pin point them... Marina was able to pin point my blocks and give me systems and strategies to get past them, Which is worth more than you could ever put a price on.  

I have been able to grow my network consistently on Facebook and Instagram, and be human again... I stopped sending copy and paste scripts and created real connections, while still being able to rip off the band aid in a non spammy or weird way.  

My social media engagement has increased 10x ! I had new customers order and am on track to hit some BIG goals for my 90 day run.  

If you have ever considered coaching, Marina is your girl! - Candice C.

 Let me just tell you about this girl Marina Simone, she has been one of the pivotal parts of my business growing bigger and faster than I ever could have imagined.  

When I first started my new company I had a coaching call with Marina and I was so over whelmed with starting a new business and she set aside that time to help me really come up with a very simple step by step launch process for my team.  

She was so encouraging and she is one of the most inspirational and just happiness filled real people you will ever meet. With the information that Marina gave me in that first coaching call I have literally been able to build a business in less than a year to almost over a million dollars a month.  

If you’re thinking about working with Marina you should absolutely do so she is phenomenal. - Brynn L.

Your Trainer:

My name is Marina Simone and I am the Founder of Moms and Heels. 

I personally have built an organization of 20,000 customers and distributors all on Facebook. 

I also did this in less than 2 years. 

I became a six-figure earner in 90 days within my second and third company teaching the Social Media Strategies I offer in this course.

When I was first introduced to Network Marketing back in 2012, I was a BUSY mom with a FULL TIME job. I did NOT have time to build belly to belly with home meetings. 

Maybe you can relate? 

Then I figured out that I could #legit have a home meeting online with hundreds and even thousands of HUMANS and the fun began! 

So I found a way to leverage Facebook to become a recruting machine. Then, LIVE video was introduced. I began to show my downline HOW to TEACH their way to six-figures by using attraction marketing and positioning themselves as influencers.

I am excited to share with you my 3 Step Launch System that you can implement right away to receive amazing results"

— Marina Simone

Founder of Moms and Heels 

Be Fierce, Be Flawsome, Be Free

EXPLODE your Network Marketing business and INCREASE sales with The Leader Lab!

Yes this works you have 30 day money back guarantee. Can your business afford for you to not know the secrets? 

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain with this COURSE.

What IF these results were yours?

Would that make your recruiting and selling a little easier? 

Would the conversation starters be a little easier

Hear what other Heelers are saying:

Marina is a Boss Lady with Heart! She really wants her clients to succeed, she pours into them (me), and leads by example! Marina helped me set up systems that allow me be more intentional with my business (and not get lost in the scroll). Simple Systems that anyone can easily plug into and get their business off to a fast start. She also helped me with posting strategies and a solid daily method of operation. I'm going to continue to work with Marina, as long as she'll keep me around! #SheRocks

- Jennifer S. 

Until coaching with her I had no idea what people meant by creating a system that duplicates. I searched for trainings and but courses but I was overloaded and still confused. I needed to clear path and plan. That's what she gave me! Only two short months later my sales have doubled but most importantly my team is duplicating and having success! I knew it was possible, but seriously watching it happen has been like magic! I'll be forever grateful to Marina for her coaching!”

- Rosa L.