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Are your prospects smelling desperation when you send them a private message? Are you're ready to recruit consistently every single month and focus on recruiting techniques and tips for Facebook and Instagram? I've got the answers for you.  

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Is recruiting a real struggle for you? Do you find yourself struggling month after month recruiting new humans to your opportunity?

Listen to what our Heelers acheived from taking the 30 day workshop below!

I know I’ve been pretty quiet in here but that’s cuz I been working my ass off implementing all this juicy stuff and.... I just TRIPLE ranked and won a free iPad!!!! 👠🔥👠🔥👠🔥💃

-Julie G.

Signed on a new customer. She commented on my videos and said I’m so motivational. And she’s been wanting to buy for a longggg time. So i can only imagine it’s because of the new method of operation I’m using.

-Janine B

Marina Simone you are freaking amazing. I have gained over 200 followers on IG since this started. 30+ today! And my team is adding customers and partners left and right😮 Use these tips guys. My list is out of control! #areyoufreakingserious

-Christy T

The ball is starting to get rolling! Two new customers ordered in the past 2 days! 🎉 And get this, they are asking ME!!

-Angela T

Here are the basics of what I am going to teach you:


Develop a Recruiting Mindset 

Ever wonder WHY you continue to struggle with recruiting all month long? 

You wil learn how to keep the WINNING mindset as if you were the newest person excited with passion all over again. 


Make a friend, find their pain

So, ever feel awkward with a new conversation? Learn how I create a relationship with a lead and find their pain points without sounding creepy and desperate.

YES, your prospects smell desperation. 


Develop a positive DMO

Are you struggling with time blocking? Learn how to set up the right Daily Method of Operation to create the urgency in your business.

One Time Payment $347
2 Easy Payments

We also will dive into: 

How to tell good stories your prospects can relate to

In this bootcamp you are going to learn how creating and leveraging stories will help your prospects make a SOLID decision and have them asking questions that lead them into enrolling. 

How to leverage the Expose & Close worksheet to close like a boss! 

You are going to learn and master how to INCREASE curiousity on Facebook and Instagram to attract weekly leads then gracefully expose and close! 

Daily action steps to recruit without being so pushy 

Learn the EXACT daily action steps on what to say to your leads, how to compliment, connect, and follow up. You are going to master the skills of how to recruit all month long in your Network Marketing Business! 

Results from Heelers that have worked with Marina: 


Here's what you can expect from me in this BOOTCAMP!

4 – Facebook Live trainings and a special kick off Zoom

Daily action steps to take your recruiting to the next level!  

Numerous PDF documents to help you along the way  

Secret Facebook group where there will be unlimited Q&A

Check-in posts to hold you accountable


1-Winner of $500 and other special prizes!

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