SOS Facebook Tracker Guide NEW

How many times a day should I post? What should I be posting? I am getting lost in the Facebook world! How much time should I spend on Facebook? Sound familiar? 

Inside the SOS Facebook Tracker:

3 Core components of attracting leads daily into your business. 

A daily check off tracker you can follow DAILY so you never run of content to post on Facebook!

How many times a day you should be posting on Facebook to avoid SPAMMING your following! 

How to drive up your Facebook posts up in the algorithm and be seen by more leads! 

How to Educate, Entertain, and Empower your following and get them to click LIKE or to COMMENT! 


Check out these results from our Heelers: 

"Just from following Marina's SOS TRACKER 15 min a day, 3 times a week I have saved myself over 2 hours a day! The best part is that my Facebook Live Views went crazy on the last raffle I did (which Marina taught me) and I had 547 shares and 13,000 views! And... since using this daily tracker I got 100 new customers that all came from engagement on social media!" 

Shamra H. 

"I'm not even being 100% about it but I'm already noticing more engagement, more visibility and more responses 🙌🙌"  

-Diana F

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"My normal views are around 500-750. I followed Marina Simone SOS tracker sheet to the letter and 8.7k views."

-Mary Ann  

"I actually just sat down last night and got my ish together!! The SOS tracker you created is FANTASTIC, TY Marina Simone!! It really helped me to SEE ON PAPER where I was on OVER KILL and where I was lacking. I'm excited to use your system moving forward!"

-Tina Jo Stephens 

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